07 | Are conferences worth the time and expense?

Its been over a month since our last podcast.  But with spring trips and conferences behind us, we are ready to jump back in and finish this academic year well.  Enjoy!

Welcome to the Thursday Morning Debrief with Ben and Ryan.  

This is a podcast where we seek to leverage our friendship to maintain a soft heart towards Jesus and towards our ministry.

In this weeks episode:  Are ministry conferences worth the time and expense? 

  • Do you budget for them?
  • 3 ways to approach your conference experience:
    • Don't be a chafer
    • Be Colegial
    • Be a Learner
  • Do whatever you must to stay inspired!

This weeks musical selection, The Hall of Fame, by The Script chosen by both Ben.  Its about time that being a preacher gets props alongside, students, teachers, leaders, believers, and astronauts!  

Blessing for the Youth Worker

May you, fellow youth worker, may you come to a place in your life where you recognize your own need to be equipped for better ministry, to be a learner, as a humble servant of Christ who needs to be leading yourself as you lead others.  We lift this prayer to you!  Amen.

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