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letter of recLetter of Recommendation Time:

It is that most dreaded time of the year for me–letter of reference time.  It seems like everyone under the sun needs one: schools, colleges, jobs, camps, even the Boy Scouts.  One by one I have the dreaded pleasure of writing a one page letter about how great this student is and what an asset they are going to be to whatever endeavor they are applying.  I actually really enjoy the process of pausing and reflecting on the best version of that particular student.

Letters of recommendations are vital to the application process.  It is a document that vouches for the validity and competency of that individual.  As someone writing the letter, we have the responsibility of using our credibility to either stand behind someone, or throw them under the bus.  In this season with our students, we have the upper hand as we are the ones writing these letters.  But what I think is amazing is that the reverse is actually true.  While we  think we are simply writing letters for our students, in fact, our students themselves are our letters of recommendation.

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