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My best “go to” game!

February 19, 2014 — 6 Comments


Ok, it is Wednesday and you have been cranking out a semester and a half of youth ministry.  Are you looking for a simple and fun game that takes practically zero set up, engages the entire group, AND is actually pretty fun?  Then this is the game for you.  (I am not taking credit as this game’s inventor, I just love it and it has been my go to for over 10 years)  No, its not shuffle your buns, which is my, not fun, go to, game.  It is a game called:  CATEGORIES

SET UP:  Circle of chairs, pitcher of water, cup of water.  This game is great for groups of 10-30 or for large groups, simply divide into groups of 10-30.  Have everyone sit in a chair in a circle with one person in the middle.

THE OBJECT:  The object of the game is to simply not get splashed with water.

RULES:  The person in the center of the circle picks a category.  They could pick any category.  Some simple ones that can get you started are: states, subjects in school, subjects in school, baseball teams, candy bars, cereal, boy bands, people in the room.  Once a category has been called, the person in the middle tells me, the leader the specific item in that category.  (This keeps everyone honest)  Then I take the pitcher of water and pour some of it in the cup of water and give it to the person in the center.

GAME PLAY:  The person in the center calls the category:  Candy Bars!  Then goes around the circle so that everyone takes their turn naming a candy bar.  The people sitting down call out candy bars hoping to not say the one that the person in the center told the leader.  If they say “Snickers,” the item that was told to the leader, then that person gets splashed with water.   Or if someone repeats what someone else said they get jacked with some water as well.  Then the person who got splashed takes a turn as the person in the center.

That’s it!  Enjoy!

(I recently have become a contributor at It is great website and I am honored to be a part of it. The following post was recently featured on their blog.)

I believe Big Fun is still in style. Here’s what I mean . . .

In many of the youth ministry circles I travel in there seems to be a growing wave of opinion that the days of big, fun, programmed youth ministry are over. To take students and run them around a gym, coaxing them into embarrassing, gross, silly, and most of all fun games is no longer in vogue or relevant. The logic seems to be that today’s teenagers have no taste for goofing off.

The argument I often hear is that these are young adults who care more about lofty ideas than they do simple-minded and immature pursuits.

I believe that all Christians should lean into the pursuit of deep concepts. And I think this is something we should definitely lead our students into. I simply don’t believe that the pursuit of a deeper faith and goofing off are mutually exclusive.

What if students aren’t the ones changing? What if it’s us?

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