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Besides being an average youth worker, I love walking with other youth workers as we explore our calling.  You are unique in every way, personality, history, context, gifts, and passions.  If you ever want to connect and wrestle through some of these, email me anytime!  May God truly bless you along your journey in youth ministry.

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  1. yo…..

    love you


  2. Mah bro!

    Love your blogsite. ;) Looking forward to reading these articles and seeing what else you contribute. Above all, I love being a colleague in C+ ministry with you.

    Thanks for all your mentorship and guidance!


  3. do you have a feed url? I would love to follow your blog via my google reader.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, and for the encouragement!

  5. Enjoyed your blog on Orange Leaders website. http://www.whatisorange.org/orangeleaders/blog/?p=4630 Great insight and highly encouraging. It’s tough helping other leaders transition their perception of parents as problems. Ironically, most of my leaders are also parents, which complicates some of the conflict.

  6. loved meeting you. love what you are doing. looking forward to seeing how our worlds can collide :)… maybe in the twilight.
    keep doing awesome things for students.

  7. Hello! I love your site and am following your insights now… have heard your name through ECC folks, then read Lisa’s recent post too. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and honesty that you write with here – look forward to maybe seeing you at Midwinter or somewhere in person sometime too. Peace to you.

  8. There’s a great company over here called 10ofthose.com and I’d love for them to be selling ‘Holy Parenting'; which Erica and I are really appreciating by the way. Any news on when we might see a hard print version of it?

  9. Hi Ben,

    Out of curiosity, do you know who that is in your avatar image you use for Facebook and Twitter? He is a friend of mine and talented photographer and even more talented musician who loves the Lord. We went to the same church together for a while.

    In any case, just curious.


  10. I heard that I should try to “buy/download” a terrific youth ministries sermon you gave in May (April?) and I wondered if there is a list? Source to buy a CD or whatever from your sermon at the church?
    Sorry we missed it but would love to share with our young adults!

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