Top 10 ways to turn your pastor into the biggest advocate of student ministry. 10: Remember, they are the boss


Over the next few weeks, I am going to share the top 10 ways to turn your pastor into the biggest advocate of student ministry.  There is a lot here and instead of one massive post, I thought it would be helpful to break it down and then give you an opportunity to actually try to put some of this into practice, a little bit at a time.  Here we go: Top 10 Ways to Turn Your Pastor into the Biggest Advocate for Student Ministry:

The truth is that very few senior pastors are passionate about student ministry.  If they were, they would be student ministry pastors.  God has given them a heart and calling to shepherd the entire church, in which student ministry is only a part.  If you want them to become a big fan and advocate for student ministry, then it begins with having them become a big fan of you.  Here are 10 practical ways to build heart strands with your pastor and helps them become a fan of you and student ministry.

10)  They Are The Boss:

As a youth ministry professional, we have been told by everyone that we are living into a calling, a calling to ministry.  We have a passion for students and for ministry, we love dreaming up strategic plans and vision statements for our ministry.

But the truth is that a youth ministry job is a job.  You are a hired staff with a boss and expectations, and the pastor is your boss.  It is ridiculous when youth workers, the bottom of the church staff totem pole, pay zero attention to the politics of this workplace and spend zero time and effort seeking to please their boss.

The church you work for is under the leadership of the pastor.  It is their church, their vision, and their plan.  Instead of fighting this and competing with your boss.  Live into their vision, their mission, their plan.  When you are supportive of their dreams, their trust and respect for you will grow.

You were hired because your church values the care and discipleship of students is part of the overall plan of the church.  Your job is to do that and do that well!  You were not called to be an independent agent caring for the students of the world, you were hired to do student ministry within the context of the church in which you were hired, under the leadership and direction to do a specific job.   That specific job is spelled out in your job description.

The more you respect your boss and treat them like they are actually your boss, their respect and affection for you will grow.  If they don’t have to compete with you or discipline you, then they are free to advocate for you.

Do something specific to bless your boss today.