Win a Kindle Fire


With over 1700 entries, this contest has finally come to a close!  Thank you everyone for your support, bot for those of you who are my friends and are supporting me in this new endeavor, and those who simply wanted a chance to win a Kindle Fire :)  A future friend, Stacey from VA is the winner of the Kindle. And for my junkie friends who shilled this think like mad and had the most entries, you won an autographed copy of my book with a very personal, and maybe uncomfortable note :)  Those winners are: Krissy from Ohio, and Ben Read (my homie!!  thanks for your overwhelming support) And as a close third but an emotional first place is Jamie!  I'll bring you your book on Monday.

Next time I am giving away a car!  So keep coming back, and buy dozens of books at a time to share with your friends!  Thanks again for a fun stab at this marketing adventure.  (thankfully I still have my day job)

Would you like to win a Kindle Fire? For the next two weeks we will be trying to build a little buzz about Ben's new book, Holy Parenting. You can help by simply entering to win a Kindle Fire and sharing the love about the book. We will celebrate with the winner, who will be chosen at random by the PunchTab people. And we'll give away two books to the people with the most entries. Good Luck!