How to make fundraise $10,000 in 3 hours

I hate fundraisers!  And the thought of a bake sale, car wash, auction, rummage sale, flamingo thing, whatever, all make me want to puke.  Hours and hours of work on my end for a few hundred bucks that has to be spread around to a group of kids who did hardly any work anyway has got to be the most disheartening thing in this job.  Well, no more! I came across the silver bullet in student ministry fund raising.  I wish I knew who gave me this idea, because they deserve all the credit and a kick back.  But until I figure that out, I will share it like it is my own :)

Have a Car Wash-A-Thon!

Here is the deal.  At a typical car wash you spend 4-6 hours washing cars for $5-$10 a pop.  If you were really smart you had students pre-sell tickets for $10.  After 6 hours, if you kill it, you walk away with $400 to spread between your 20 students who want to go on the next mission trip.  Nice work, your time and effort reduced the trip by $20 a kid.


A car wash-a-thon takes the same car wash and instead of saving $20 a kid, you can save each kid close to $500.  Here is how it works.

1) Every kid gets sponsors from friends and family per car washed.

2) Set up a time and date and do a car wash

3) Make it totally free to those who pass by, wash your car, your students car, anybody's car.  Just wash as many cars as possible.  We washed 52 cards in 2 1/2 hours.

4) Send students out to collect the cash.

If you have your 20 students commit to get $10 a car sponsored, then every car is now worth $500 instead of $5 or $10.  And those 50+ cars just brought in $10,000. YES PLEASE!!

A sidebar: This only works if everyone gets sponsors.  So what I have done is made the students entirely responsible for the cost of the trip.  This one fundraiser, if they choose to use it wipes away almost the entire cost.  If they don't use it, then their folks cut a check, but that is on them, not on me.  And everyone participates whether they need it or not.  Good Luck!