Stuff You Can Use: A great resource full of practical helps.

stuff you can use

I wanted to share with you a really slick resource out there in the interweb. is a website community where youth workers get to share great ideas.  If you are anything like me, most of what you use in your youth group you have picked up from clever and creative people other than yourself.  In fact youth ministry is notorious for "sharing" ideas with one another.  Even if most of the "sharing" you do is in the taking end, I am sure that there are one or two ideas that are uniquely yours and really amazing! is a site that allows normal youth workers to share their best ideas so other youth workers can be blessed and try them out in their own contexts.  What I found to be great about this site is that these are real life games, activities, and curriculum from real life youth workers, not youth ministry professors who haven't lead a game in over a decade.  This is great stuff that is working right now in ministry.

The best part is that is is free!!

So click on over, get inspired, use some of these resources.  But what would be even better is for you to not simply be a consumer of information and ideas, but to share with us some of the things that you do that are great and amazing.

How cool, that together, in this virtual community, we can continue to sharpen each other as we continue to pursue excellence in ministry.  I look forward to being inspired by my colleagues and throwing my couple good ideas in the ring as well.

Have a great weekend!