A new rhythm for summer

35336603_6139606fbc_z This week marks the end of our formal student ministry calendar. From here on out we switch gears to our summer rhythm, full of pool parties, bbqs, and exciting trips. For me, a change in season marks an opportunity for reflection, evaluation, and course correction.

I have spent the last few weeks wrestling with what God has for me personally. This is a fun and needed change from being single-minded in my pursuite of student ministry. While I do think I have a good plan for those guys for the summer and upcoming year, I do need to make some important course corrections for near, and possibly the not so near future, in my personal life.

Maybe we should follow our dreams:

The story of Joseph in scripture is a powerful story for me. I believe that God has put a unique dream in each of our hearts, and as we grow and mature in the Lord, God clarifies that dream. Not all of us have dreams of our family bowing down to us, but we do all have glimpses of the full and whole person that we were created to be.

Some of that dream revolves around relationships and family, and some of that dream revolves around calling and vocation. For me, God is clarifying some of the dreams that he has put in my heart years and years ago. Instead of just thinking that they are silly dreams, I am going to actually develop a course of action that puruses this dream with all of who I am.

As I have grown in my relationship with Jesus, his voice is growing clearer and clearer. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to have spiritual direction for a couple years that God has used in a mighty way to clarify his voice. And I am humbled by the community of people around me who walk through the peaks and valleys of life and who help me discern the voice of God and to clarify the dreams that God has given me.

I am switching to summer hours

All of this to say, I am going to spend this summer changing course. I am going to be intentional with what consumes my free time so that I can take a hold of all that God might have in store for me and my family. To acomplish this, I need to put my blog further back on my to do list.

I have loved the challenge of trying to crank out 3 blogs a week that are thoughtful and relevent. I have definately hit more foul tips more than home runs, but it has been an incredible learning experience all the same. For this summer, I will be changing my pace of writing for this blog to once a week or so. From Memorial Day to Labor Day this blog will switch to summer hours. Plus, you as a reader shouldn't waste too much of the summer indoors reading blogs. This is the season for rest and restoration, soaking up the sun, and temping skin cancer with a deepning tan.

By Labor Day I will be jumping back in to the blogosphere, hopefully with a renewed passion and call to the art of student ministry and the opportunity to walk alongside other youth workers as we collectivly love on students and help them love God.

But until then, I pray that God clarifies my dreams, gives me the guts to live into them, and uses my little place in the body of Christ to the fullest extent. And my prayer for you is the same!

Have a great summer! Keep in touch! Don't ever change! Stay sweet! Class of '93 represent!