The Blogging Life

The Blogging Life

This Thanksgiving is the four year birthday for this blog, Average Youth Ministry.  

And what a wild ride it has been.  In just under 1500 days, I will have rounded the corner on a half a million views from people all over the world.  

Over these four years, I began writing this blog as a form of spiritual discipline to help me process trough the joy-filled as well as the perilous mine field known as student ministry.  And within the first year enjoyed some of the dopamine rush that comes from collecting hits, likes, and comments.  And before long, I thought I was going to be famous. 

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How would you like to do a little self promotion?

grave-and-most-glorious-moderately-shameless-self-promotion I have finally entered fully into the summer season.

This means I have carved out some additional space in my life.  With this space, I am planning on doing some writing, running, surfing, love my students, and put on my learning cap.  I have several books to read, but I am looking for some new blogs to read as well.

Instead of sharing your blog roll, I would love to read what you are writing.  I know there are some incredible bloggers that occasionally read this blog, and many that I read that shape me and my ministry.  With that being said, would you do me the honor of sharing your blog with me so I can read what is on your heart and mind regarding your life and ministry?

Your blog is . . . 

(If you don't blog, you really should.  This is the best thing you can do for your personal, professional, and spiritual development.  Something transformational happens when you move from being a consumer to a contributor.  So get after it, and then please share it with me!)

See you around the blog-o-sphere!