iOS 5 changed my life!


Did you know that Apple finally released their iOS 5 operating system for the iphone and ipad?  If you have one of those devices watch this video and you will see that having this operating system on your phone is a must and should happen today, right now.



Wednesday, when I was checking my Facebook, I saw on a number of status that iOS 5 was finally released.  I cancelled my afternoon appointments and began the upgrade.  By watching the video and listening to the hype, my expectations were starting to rise.  As iTunes downloaded the software and synced with my devices I scoured the internet to learn all about the amazing new features that would be available to me with this upgrade.  In fact, there would be over 200 additional features.

For the better part of an hour I found myself daydreaming about how this new upgrade would dramatically change my life and make me a more handsome person.  You may laugh, but basically all advertising does this, and Apple does this to perfection.  As you can probably already tell, after less then a day with my brand new operating systems my life is exactly the same and if anything, I am less handsome.

It turns out having "Reminders" instead of an app I already have that reminds me isn't that revolutionary.  Or the fact that I can now turn on my camera without swiping the on button.  WOW!  These things didn't change that my phone is still a phone.  It didn't change my contacts from the normal people in my life to famous people who now want to spend time with me.  And it didn't give me a stronger chin.

Ok, Maybe iOS 5 Won't Change My Life, Maybe Something Else Will:

The iOS 5 kick off was simply another reminder, in a long string of reminders that no matter what changes around me, I am still the same person.  My upgraded phone, doesn't change me.  Some new clothes for fall, doesn't change me.  Getting to preach in big church or even being invited to speak at a retreat, doesn't change me.  Even if enough of you read this to put me on the map in the blogging world, it doesn't change me.

We often think something new will smooth over and make us into different, even better people.  The truth of the matter is that only by the grace of Jesus alone, does he slowly and steadily exchange our sin and brokenness for righteousness and wholeness.  This is the reality we must settle in to.  Because the temptation is to short change this process by taking a short cut and tricking ourselves into believing that the next thing will bring us joy and satisfaction.

Maybe it is Time to Stay Put:

If you are unsatisfied in your life, in your job, in your calling. Don't be too quick to jump ship.  You taking another job, moving to a new community, whatever, you still bring you along.  It is just a matter of time for the old garbage to surface and for dissatisfaction to take over.  For me and this dumb operating system, I had about 2 hours of joy before I realized that I am still stuck with me.

For our personal health and spiritual development and for the health and spiritual development of those we walk with in our ministries, we must figure this out.  Maybe we should spend less time on Youth Specialties' Job Board dreaming of a context where we will find happiness and contentment, and give that time and space over to Jesus so he can give us his joy and contentment.