living the abundant life!

I can’t remember the last time I truly felt free.  You know, the type of freedom to be completely present in a particular moment; to not be bound by the expectations of others or my own insecurities.  There is always so much to do, so much to be responsible for that these moments come and go and all I have to show for myself is often only a half completed list of tasks.

Jesus says in John 10:10, that he has come to offer us the abundant life!  I am pretty sure that the abundant life has less to do with my productivity and my control or really, anything to do with me.  Jesus is the one who is actively at work in the world, and He has invited all of us to partner with him.  Thankfully his invitation is for us to live more fully into the unique people He created us to be as we partner with Him and His purposes.

I came across this interesting object lesson as I have been wrestling with what it means to live into a life of freedom and fullness.


The boy in this video has become such a picture for me of what a partnership with the Holy Spirit could look like.

The boy brings nothing to the table: The little boy in this video didn’t write this symphony, he didn’t even play an instrument in this recording, and he actually didn’t even really conduct it.  But that isn’t the point.  For this boy, there is a beautiful symphony to be played and he gets to fully enjoy the music as he actually becomes one with the music.   And the joy happens because the boy is allowing the music to move and transform him.

The boy is completely present: I love that this little boy is not self conscious.  He is not worried about tasks or approval.  There is a symphony being played, and for the next  4 1/2 minutes his only concern is to enjoy the music.

The boy knows all the subtle movements of this piece: The little boy in this video is so familiar with this symphony that he anticipates every small change in dynamic and meter.  He is intimately familiar with every part of this piece of music.  He has obviously spent countless hours becoming more and more acquainted with this symphony and his knowledge of it allows him freedom to experience and enjoy every single moment.

His freedom brings joy and freedom to those around him: I love the way his mom is obviously finding so much joy in watching her son be totally free throughout this song.  As someone who doesn’t even know this boy, I found myself grinning from ear to ear throughout the entire video as his joy was some how passed on to me.

This weekend I am looking forward to taking my cues from this little boy.  I bring nothing to the table.  I am simply invited to respond to the movements of the Holy Spirit, to be present in the moment and respond accordingly.   And the more time I spend listening and watching, the easier it will be to actually jump in and participate with what God is already doing.  And when this happens, this abundant life bubbles up in me, and actually overflows and brings joy and life to others.

Beethoven is what brought the abundant life to this boy.  What is the symphony that God has put in your heart that brings out the abundant life in you?