2 ways for the church to care for and correct their pastor.

Normally I wouldn't post a sermon I have preached on my blog. In fact there are a ton of reasons not to. I get that I a not the most compelling speaker, I am slightly below average in looks, and in this case I was a bit nervous because of the topic so I spoke a little bit too fast. I also get that you are a fabulous preacher and I am opening up myself to be seen as less than in your eyes. But these are silly and vain reasons and I am all about the spiritual growth to combat these childish tendencies. Plus, the more I have been reflecting on this passage of in 1 Timothy, my church context, and my friends in ministry whom I would love to speak up for, I thought I would give it a whirl.

The relationship between the church and the pastor is a mysterious one at best. It always starts with such high hopes and expectations, and often devolves into disenchantment, bitterness, and pain. But if the church does these 2 things well, I think we as pastors will thrive a bit more.

Spoiler alert: one of those points is paying us well. I mean really well :)


We will be back to our regular 500-800 word pithy and wise posts on Monday. Have a great weekend!