Raising Generation Z Seminar


I recently did a three week seminar for parents at our church on Generation Z. Generation Z is this current grouping of middle and high schoolers, and they are a completely different tribe than the Millennials that went before them.

It seems that there has been endless ink spilled over the Millennials. In fact, when they were just entering middle school the entire world seemed to be mesmerized by them. And now we have the oldest of Generation Z exiting college and there is so little written about them. So using the book, iGen by Jean M. Twenge as the foundation and then dozens of other articles and websites, I put together a three week seminar looking at the Technology, Sexuality, and Spirituality of this generation.

And like all generations before, this one is not beyond the hope or reach of the Church. In fact, more than ever the church has an opportunity to be ambassadors of the good news of Jesus Christ more than ever before.

I may write more about this down the road, but I though I would at least offer up my notes and slides to share as a resource. If you would like further conversation about this seminar or about how to effectively do ministry to this emerging generation, send me an email and let’s talk. Feel free to download and use any or all of this material. I would be more than happy to walk you through it so you can be an effective advocate for our students to the church and a helpful support to parents.