Fortnite Ministry: Ceeday models the love of Jesus (and some PG-13 language)

As I am sure you are fully aware, Fortnite has taken over the world.  Of all the fads that have consumed young people, I must admit that this is one of my favorite.  (Pokemon Go being the worst)

What I have enjoyed just as much as getting crushed in my attempt to play this game, is watching the youtubers cut videos and show off their expertise.  One of my favorite guys to watch is Ceeday.  (If colorful language bothers you, then just take my word for it) 

In this video, Ceeday models the love of Jesus and sets the stage for about a dozen different sermon illustrations.  

Unfortunately, you can't show this video in youth group to illustrate your point, but everyone will know what you are talking about if you reference Ceeday, default skin, and being carried.  This is exactly what Ceeday does.  

Ceeday (an expert Fortnite player and youtuber), finds a default skin (a rookie, noob, someone who sucks, me) and intentionally joins the default skin's team and attempts to win the game.  Getting a victory is really hard (I have only gotten a couple of wins in 50V50, and I never even fired a shot)

But, what I love about Ceeday is he takes this challenge in a way that totally blesses the rookie.  He speaks kindly, doesn't patronize him, and in the end, when they do win, Ceeday blesses him with a battle pass to help him along the journey.  

It is so rare for someone to give up their status and lower themselves to genuinely care for someone who is lesser for their benefit.  And when we do, we think we deserve a medal.  We go on mission trips and have service days, but we don't do it in our own life.  

Jesus models this in the incarnation, the invitation into the family of God, and then the welcomed partnership into the family business.  We love that Jesus does this for us.  Can we extend that same invitation to others, especially to others who are not as far down the road, who can't help us, and who will actually make us proceed slower than usual?  

Ceeday shows us the way.  Why not seek out a default skin in your life and walk with them for a little bit, generously pouring out affirmation, love and grace on them as they figure out what it means to know and love Jesus!  (As you give it a try, just wouldn't swear as much :)

Good luck out there!