Do you have something to add to the youth ministry conversation?

Over the years I have loved the opportunity to share this space with some fellow youth workers who either have a unique voice, a unique thing to say, or who simply want to try their hand at writing.  

As I am getting older and worried less about building my platform, and living more fully into the small pond that God has landed me, I want to make more space for my colleagues who are leaving it all on the field as they generously love kids into the kingdom of God!

That means, my blog is your blog!  

If you have a unique voice, a unique thing to say, or simply want to try your hand at writing, consider my blog your blog.  If you want to use this space to promote your blog, that is ok too.  Simply send me a 500-700 word blog post, a short bio and a personal picture.  (If it works within my broad understanding of ministry and theology and is written to encourage fellow youth workers, I will post it as soon as possible)

Youth ministry is a beautiful and strange calling.  There is so much to think about, to process, to pray about, to celebrate and to mourn.  And the only way we are going to stay sharp, sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and continue to be whole hearted, is by being in community, processing our calling, and encouraging one another towards love and good deeds.  

If I can do that for you in any way, it would be my pleasure!

Time to step up your writing game!!