An easy way to love your students: SNAIL MAIL

Do you have piles of pictures from old youth group activities or trips?  Do you at least have them on your phone?  Well, here is the easiest way to use those old pictures for good!

One of the most fundamental needs we have as humans is to be seen and to be known.  In an age of social media we can give a lot of love by simply "liking" a students status or pic, and we can get even more when we tag them on Facebook or Instagram.  But we all know deep in our hearts that doesn't really cost you anything.  Did you know that if you simply print off that picture and mail it through the post office, that you have actually satisfied, albeit briefly, that longing to be seen and known.

Here is all you do to make your students feel seen and known:

1) Print off a pic

2) Turn it over and write a short note. (I love postcards because I have awful handwriting and little to say)

3) Address and Stamp

4) Put the postcard in your mail box (remember those things)

5) In a day or two your student will be blessed!

It is an old skool gesture and a little effort goes a long way.  Plus it is so fun when you go to your student's home and see the pic you sent on their fridge or on their bulletin board.  Remember, students do have bulletin boards and need things to put on there.  It is pretty cool that you can be a major player in shaping the memories that they will be looking at for years to come!

So spend 10 minutes and love those students.