Fall Kickoff Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Here we go, the start of a brand new year.  For all of us parents our kids have gotten their schedule, met their teachers, and have even begun homework.  Some of those teachers your kids will love, and some they will loathe.  But no matter what, you as parents are committed to helping them thrive at their school this year.  In fact you as parents will do just about any and all things to make it work for your kids.  You will talk to principals, to teachers, you will help your kids learn how to navigate the teaches they don't like, and give them a bigger picture of their education than just this one class, this one year.

In the same way, what if you approached your kids spiritual development with the same sort of conviction?  Every student I know goes through seasons where they love our student ministry and loathe our student ministry.  Sometimes all their best friends are here and they are thriving spiritual, and sometimes they feel all alone and are bored.  

But instead of letting your kids emotional roller coaster determine how invested they / you are invested in our student ministry, what if you owned the value of our kids being connected to our church and to each other as a high value, like attending school.  If that was the case, then no matter how they felt about Sunday School, or Youth Group, they would know that their attendance and participation is part of their faith formation and that is of highest value. 

Did you know that if just our church families were committed to our student ministry like they are committed in this manner we would have over 100 kids on any given Wednesday.  That isn't including the friends they would invite.  

As we gear up for another year, I simply wanted to give you small nudge to help you and your family land.  Kids are social monsters and where they land socially is where they will thrive.  If they can land in our student ministry then they will thrive spiritually. I will do everything in my power to help that happen.  If you have any questions or concerns, please, lets connect sooner rather than  later and come up with a game plan to make this a success for everyone.  '

I really am looking forward to an incredible year of ministry.  Please be praying for me, for our student ministry team, and for the community your kids will be jumping into.