I am at my best when I live out a heart that is full!

ENCOUNTER: Read Romans 8:14-16

Whenever I think about living out of a heart that is full, I imagine myself participating in some sort of extreme sport.  My sport of choice is base jumping in a wing suit.  I mean, that would be incredible.  Check out this video:

While extreme sports are incredible and adrenaline makes us seem like our hearts are full, the truth is that what is happening is simply adrenaline, a chemical that has been introduced into our blood stream.  What we are talking about when we say live out a heart that is full, is living in a way where you are fully connected to your inner self. 

There is a deep well of love, pain, joys, and sorrows, hopes and dashed dreams that we all keep locked away deep inside.  But the longer we live one way on the outside and keep hidden our true self on the inside, we become more and more detached.  

God made us to have integrity, to have our insides and outsides match, and when they match we are at our best.  

What is incredible is that being at our best doesn't necessarily mean that everything has to go our way.  When we are seen, known, and loved because of who we are not because of who we present as, we experience love.  And being loved changes everything!

If you want to live out of a heart that is full, it begins with figuring out what is going on in your heart, letting people in, and experiencing intimacy and love from both God and others!  The experience of being loved is what truly fills our heart and allows us to truly be at our best!


Psalm 139 says that we are to allow God to Search us and KNOW OUR HEART.  We have so many guards up that we don't really let anyone truly know us or our heart.  This week, a way forward is to begin by allowing God access to your inner self.  Ask God to search you and know your heart.  Test you and know your anxious thoughts, reveal any offensive ways in you and lead you along the path of everlasting life.  


Guarding our heart is of the utmost importance.  Part of our call as being part of the body of Christ is to be the protectors of other people's heart.  Who in your life needs a champion?  Who in your life needs to be built up?  Who in your life needs their heart protected?  

Protecting other's hearts involve both refraining from saying and doing crushing things towards others as well as proactive affirmations and kindness towards others.  Be a blessing as you intentionally guard other's hearts today.  


Is there someone in your life you are willing to give permission to reflect back on you how you are really doing?

Brokenness will be revealed.  But instead of hiding, walking in the light allows you to experience intimacy and true love.  It is the most difficult thing we are called to do as humans, but we must if we are going to  live out of a full heart!

This devotional comes as a response to a sermon I recently preached.  You can watch that sermon below.