Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

In our context, after every sermon, the preaching pastor does a follow up devotional.  Here is the last sermon I preached and the follow up devo.  

ENCOUNTER:  Read Romans 12:3-8

You and me are connected.  Not just because we go to the same church, but because you and I are joined together in the body of Christ.  We belong together.  Even though we are very different we are connected to each other, to share in common cause.  You and I have been uniquely gifted by the Holy Spirit and the joined to one another so that together we can build up the Church and expand the Kingdom of God.  

So the question is, "How has God created you?"  You are uniquely crafted.  God has given you a personality, some passions, and has placed you in a particular context.  The trick is reflecting on all of this to explore these questions and then leverage them for the Kingdom of God. 

In "Big Church" on Sunday we took a silly personality quiz as a way to get the conversation going.  If you want to know your spiritual gifts, a great place to start is with your personality.  And more often than not, God leverages our personality to ignite, and empower parts of our personality for the benefit of the body of Christ and the Kingdom of God.

Would you like to know more about your personality?  Check out this little quiz.  If it resonates, do some google searching and explore more about your personality.  Then reflect on the list below and see if any of the spiritual gifts linked to your personality resonate with you.

  • Sapphire:  Faith, Prophecy, Encouragement
  • Pearl:  Mercy, healing, Interceding, Service
  • Emerald:  Teaching, Wisdom, Discernment
  • Ruby: Leadership, Governance

Knowing how God has crafted you is an incredible journey.  Who doesn't want to know more about ourselves?  But that is not the task in front of us.  We want to know how God has crafted us, so we can be used for good works.  Our spiritual gifts are not to be hidden under a bowl, but leveraged and used generously.  


What "Gem" are you?  What spiritual gift resonates with you?  How have you seen that gift or the beginnings of that gift used for benefit of the Church and in the expanding Kingdom of God?  


Imagine this next week, all the interactions you will have, all the people you will come in contact with, all the things that you are connected with.  What would it look like if you were to lean into your spiritual gift(s) and use them for God's purposes?  How would that benefit others?  The Church?


You are a vital member of the body of Christ.  In fact we all belong to each other, and the body can not function fully unless we are spurring each other on to leverage the unique ways that God has made us.  How can you be more connected to the Church in your spiritual formation and in the use of your spiritual gifts?


These were some questions I posed at the end of my sermon and, I think, are worthy of continued reflection:

  • How am I quenching the Holy Spirit?
  • What needs to be chipped away to allow the Holy Spirit to be more at work in and through me?
  • How has God gifted me?
  • How can I leverage this for the ministry of reconciliation as we seek to be ambassadors of goodwill in our context?