Vlog 02: Why student ministry is really struggling to be effective

Happy Thursday!  It is time for another Vlog here at AYM.  I have had a really discouraging week as I have been gearing up for youth group.  It seems like everything I read, every study, every story has nothing good to say about the church or about student ministry.  It is actually really depressing that the thing you have given your entire life to has proven to be totally ineffective.  

When I reflect on my own experience and my own students and consider the long trajectory of our students long after they have left our ministry, I am reminded that there are actually many factors at play.  I do think we need to look hard in the mirror and to always ask the hard questions, challenge our assumptions, and do whatever we can to reach young people.  

But there are two gigantic factors that are out of our control that must be part of the equation.  One is theological and one is developmental.  I would love to know your thoughts as well.