Start saving your pennies for Orange 17!

For the last 5 years our church has been using Orange curriculum, resources, and the inspiration from the conferences to help transform our children's and youth ministry.  

At first, Orange was simply a curriculum we used.  And as curriculum goes, Orange is one of the best.  But as we have gotten more and more comfortable with the curriculum, we began to dive in to the incredible resources that Orange makes available.  

Over the last two years, Phases has been a major theme.  Kristen Ivy and her team have developed resources and tools for children's and youth workers as well as parents and leaders.  They have charted out the different developmental phases a person goes through from birth to college.  And at each phase there are new and exciting ways they are engaging the world, their faith, and even their bodies.  Along with each phase are tools for understanding and discussion as well as helps to sharpen your programs to capitalize on each unique phase.  

I love Orange with all my heart and am always spurred on to be completely sold out to this next generation, to leverage whatever influence I may have, so that the church sees, loves, and helps kids know and love Jesus for their whole lives!

This Spring, Orange has their annual conference in Atlanta.  I hope that you can find time in your schedule and budget to come and be encouraged by those at the top of their game.  Be inspired and pushed by those who are leveraging all of their influence to make children's and youth ministries great!

Save your pennies and get to Orange.  Register this week and reserve your spot!