Ephesians Week 6

An 8 Week Summer Curriculum:

This summer I am spending our student ministry gathering studying the book of Ephesians.  This study is an outgrowth of my recent book, "From the Pen to the Palace," and is an attempt to help our increasingly post-Christian students come to know, love and serve Jesus.  (Even as their starting point is pretty far from the Judeo-Christian worldview of their parents.)

Every week I will

  • Share a talk outline.  
  • A powerpoint presentation.
  • 5 Days of Devotions 

This 5 day devotional is an attempt to try out a new discipleship model for our post-Christian students.  This model has 4 parts.  First students are encouraged to "Encounter" God through His word.  Then after that, they are given questions to "Be Reflective," and then prodded to consider how to, "Be a Blessing," and finally encouraged to "Be Together," to work this all out.  

This is rough draft.  It is the curriculum and devos that are specific to my students in my context.  I am simply sharing it as a discipline for myself to actually do a decent job this summer with my kids.  It is where I am choosing to spend my writing efforts this summer.  And I hope that it might be a help or resource or encouragement for you.  

If you would, I would love to know your thoughts, perspective, and push back so I can make this better, and hopefully make some easier onramps for my students to know, love, and follow Jesus!

Here is week 6:

Here is where we turn the corner.  Up to this point in our study we have got to bank of the all the goodness of God's love and affection towards his children.  This is good news and our students love it.  But at this point we are going to start to loose them, because we now get the the "So What?" portion of our time.

This week we are asking students to live into their high calling.  But in order to pull this off, they will be required to examine their life, their selfishness, and their rebellion.  The very first word is a call to be a prisoner.  Yikes, this does not work well with the world view of our rainbow and unicorn students.  

But unless they can embrace that they are a prisoner already to something, and that a prisoner for Jesus is a much better choice, they will be stuck being immature and spoiled brats in the kingdom of God.  I will pray for you and you pray for me as we attempt to help our kids become the mature children of God who use their gifts and abilities for the benefit of the Kingdom of God.  


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May our students grow in their maturity so that this generation of students will be people who help usher in the Kingdom of God.  We have had too many generations of navel gazing, spoiled children.  Let us be prisoners for Jesus and live a life worthy of the Gospel!