Commissioning the Class of 2015

Every June we launch our senior class with a special service.  Our "Youth Sunday" has become the Sunday where we celebrate our seniors and hear about all the ways God has moved and is moving in their life.

I am so blessed to be part of a church that has and continues to make an incredible investment into the lives of our students.  And even with this huge investment, we recognize that our seniors are still in the process of individuation and formation.  What they share is simply a snap shot in history.  

But no matter where our students are at spiritually, or where they will go as they spread their wings and launch, our church is committed to walk with them and love them through this next season of their life.  

With another year of student ministry behind me, I am continually honored for the very unique and distinct honor it is to share life with teen agers.  I do not take it for granted that I have been allowed access to these students lives and to celebrate the highs and mourn the lows as they work out their own life and faith.  

Below is the bulk of our service (without the music.)  I hope you are as encouraged as I am with the messy process that is student ministry and the gift that our students are to our church!

I love you Class of 2015!  May God truly bless and keep you@!