Ephesians Week 1

From the Pen to the Palace:
At some point this summer my book, "From the Pen to the Palace: An evangelism and discipleship strategy for a post-christian culture," will be available through my good friends at youthministry360.  All of my friends who have read some rough drafts had the same follow up question.  Now what?!  Well, this summer I am going to use my own student ministry as a laboratory for developing a curriculum that flows directly out of my book.  
This post and the next 7 posts are a ministry experiment.  I would love your feedback and if you implement it, I would love to know what you think works and doesn't work.  And someday when my book comes out, would love to know if you think that this curriculum is the right response.  But until that day, enjoy!

I am taking a break from my blog:

It is summer, and with it means an opportunity for some new rhythms. Part of my new rhythm is going to be taking a break from blogging.  I love writing about student ministry and wrestling with how to better reach this generation.  

But instead of blogging, I am going to spend this summer writing a curriculum that is born out of some major reading, writing, and praying about how to help an increasingly post-Christian student come to know, love, and follow Jesus.  Later this summer, my book, "From the Pen to the Palace" will come out and when it does, there are some natural followup questions as to how to actually pull it off.

This summer I am trying out a pilot curriculum that is designed with these post-Christian students in mind.  It is Jesus centric and steeped in scripture.  We are going to use the book of Ephesians and an 8 weeks study in it to wrestle with our newly adopted identity as children of the King and the high honor and responsibility that comes with it!

What is included in this curriculum:

Every week I will share a talk outline as well as a manuscript.  Maybe even a powerpoint presentation. (If I can get around to it).  I will also include a weekly devotion for students.  It is a 5 day devotional that is an attempt to try out a new discipleship model for post-Christian students.

This discipleship model has 4 parts.  First students are encouraged to "Encounter" God through His word.  Then after that, they are given questions to "Be Reflective," and then prodded to consider how to, "Be a Blessing," and finally encouraged to "Be Together," to work this all out.  

This is rough draft.  It is the curriculum and devos that are specific to my students in my context.  I am simply sharing it as a discipline for myself to actually do a decent job this summer with my kids.  It is where I am choosing to spend my writing efforts this summer.  And I hope that it might be a help or resource or encouragement for you.  

If you would, I would love to know your thoughts, perspective, and push back so I can make this better, and hopefully make some easier onramps for my students to know, love, and follow Jesus!

Here is week 1:

Week one is the introduction of Ephesians.  We will look at Paul's opening statement that you are a HOLY and FAITHFUL people.  Through the lesson, discussion questions, and weekly devos, I hope that students come to understand that what defines them is who's they are not what they do.  

In Christ, they are HOLY people, children of the King!  This comes with incredible blessings and rights.  But it also comes with incredible responsibility.  

God longs to use his people to bring all things under the authority of Christ, and this starts and ends with his kids getting after the family business!

Week 1 Folder

May the Lord bless you and your ministry.  May you find rest and rejuvenation in this season.  May you embrace this new group of students, new group of leaders, and may you continue to pour out your life to them as a drink offering to the Lord!   Do not grow weary of running after this lost and alienated generation, but run hard after them, giving them your entire heart and loving them with all of who you are, so that by God's grace, some may actually come to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ!

Happy Summer!