Fundraising Sucks! So why not get some help?

Fundraising is one of those necessary evils of student ministry.  

Personally, I think it is simply evil. I am a simple youth worker, with simple goals and aspirations.  I love my students, and I want nothing more than for them to come and know Jesus.  

And as a simple youth worker I have come to realize that many of the most effective ways for students to actually come and know Jesus are though some keystone events and activities.  In our calendar year, we have camps, winter camps, mission trips and service trips.  And it seems like when we got students out of their normal environments and engulfed in our ministry environment God shows up and grabs their hearts!

Unfortunately, most of these experiences are pretty costly.  My context is probably a lot like yours where some kids can afford these trips with no problem, and some will save and stretch to make it happen, but more and more students simply can't rub enough dollars together to make it happen.  

But how great to be part of the Church!  You know the church that is so committed to students and to their spiritual wellbeing and growth that they will gladly fork over all the money needed so every kid who wants to go camping or on a mission trip is fully funded!  Oh, that's not how it works at your church?  

Quit writing checks your body can't cash:

It is a sad story I hear way to often.  Youth worker loves students and sets up a trip.  Says yes to every sob story in her ministry, only to come up short.  Thousands and thousands of dollars short.  So when the trip is over, and the kids share their testimonies and the church is left crying because of God's faithfulness to show up spiritually, this poor youth worker is crying because she has been shown the door for bankrupting the church.  (Ok, there might be a little hyperbole here, but not as much as you think)

There has to be a better way?  In fact there is, Team 316

Our dream is to be part of a church that does invest in our students and does help make a way for them to close the financial gaps on these incredible experiences we are providing for our students.  The problem is many of us have a hard time articulating this reality, and presenting it in a way that is compelling and clearly ask for church members to partner with students and with the student ministry to fill the gap financially, so every kid, from every walk of life, can have the opportunity to participate in these amazing events.

Well, the solution is easier than you might think.  

The people over at Team 316, are committed to helping you develop a fundraising strategy that invites the entire church to come alongside students to raise the money needed so students can participate in the amazing program events you have put on the calendar.  

Jason and Greg are the Team 316 guys and are in ministry just like you.  They just happened to have found the secret such are willing to share it with you.

This plan requires less than 12 hours of work from you and all the help, coaching and support you will need to meet your fundraising goals.  Then, they will take a tithe of the first year's haul, and then you are free to use all their resources, structure, and strategy, year after year after year!

Fundraising sucks.  But don't let it suck the life out of you!  Give these guys a call see if they might be a good fit your you and your ministry.    GOOD LUCK!