A killer way to run a "Hot Topic Night."


Once a year in our youth ministry curriculum we make space for students to ask the hard questions regarding faith, scripture, doubt, theology, church, and how that impacts life and culture. This means that just about nothing is off limits.

There have been a number of ways in which I have done this.  At best, I give the students a piece of paper and pen and let them ask away, collect them, then the following week I take the cleaned up list that has been organized to my liking, and answer away.  This is alway really fun and I totally control the evening.  (Even better)

But this year we are doing something totally new and different, and a little scary.  We are using modern technology to let the ideas and popular opinion rule the day!  My dear friend, Nick Farr, who is always on the cutting edge and who I simply draft behind passed this on to me.  And now, it is more than my pleasure to pass it on to you.


There is this platform at slido.com that must have been designed especially for youth ministry.  You simply create a login, and a hashtag, and you are good to go.  After I logged in, I created an event on youth group night, then let the games begin.  

I told the students to go to slido.com and enter in our hashtag, then they were able to ask a question and they could do it anonymously.  The best part is after people started asking questions, students could like questions which then ranked the questions by popularity.  My job was easy in that I simply stated from the top, which was the question that got the most votes.  And my job was incredibly hard, because I was now on the spot to answer their most popular question cold.  

But my adrenaline, the Holy Spirit, the years of experience, and my genuine heart for my kids made the night a total win.

I highly recommend this technology, and am thankful for my friend, Nick!  Thanks homie!

May we continue to make space for our students to wrestle with their faith and be convinced that the church is the best place for them to get these questions answered in an environment that is safe and thoughtful!