Top 5 ways to become "Christian" famous:


There have been several studies lately that have shown that more and more, being famous is the goal for many millennials and young people.  With the rise of social media, and youtube sensations, it seems like we are all just an epic fail from being the next big thing and enjoy our 15 minutes, I mean seconds, of fame!

No matter the cause, this need for fame is firmly rooted in the DNA of young people and has some how found its way into the DNA of youth ministry.  Every youth worker I know, including myself, is striving for significance, and that combined with the need for fame, has many of us reaching for the stars.  

So, if you would like to achieve fame in the Christian universe, here are the 5 simple ways to pull it off:

1)  Have a parent who is already Christian famous.

2) Be mentored by someone who is already Christian famous.

3) Become best friends with someone who is Christian famous.

4) Be a church planter and work your butt off for 20 years or until your church reaches over 15,000 people, then you will be Christian famous.

5) Hitch your wagon to that person early on.  

That's it.  Think about every Christian famous person you know from Doug Fields, Josh, Griffin, Andy Stanley, whoever.  (Those are just the few that I want to hitch my wagon to.)  But all of them started out, not on the 20 yard line, but on the opposing team's 20 yard line.  Of course they are all brilliant and gifted.  But their access to resources and people allowed them to leverage their smarts into becoming Christian famous leaders.  God bless them!  God bless them for their unique place in Christendom, and truthfully, in all the ways they have helped us do our jobs better.


Here is the crazy thing.  Your students could care less who any of these people are.  When you go to a conference, they don't know who the speakers are.  If you happen to even be a break out seminar speaker, your students could care less.  What they do care about is that YOU ARE THEIR YOUTH PASTOR!!

You are famous because, for the handful of students that you work with, you are an adult in their life who sees them, who is their champion and advocate, and who stands in the gap for them as they wrestle through their faith in this crazy season of adolescence.  

Maybe we / I should stop chasing the wind.  I have all the love and fame I need.  I get the privilege of being a youth worker, and I will continue to pour out my life for students, and hopefully love them right into the Kingdom of God.  

May we all embrace our incredible calling as precious daughters and sons of the King, and embrace the privilege of being co-laborers with Christ!  And may we all die to the pathetic dream that maybe, some day, someone from Download YM would actually know my name.  Because the truth is, we are already living the dream!!