The top 5 WORST youth group games!

I have been doing youth group for almost 30 years, from my own middle school years until today.  And over this time there have been so many changes in and around youth ministry.  Some of those changes are for the best, in fact, I think all of them are for the best.  

But every now and then, I like to reflect back on the way things used to be and have my faith grow because God somehow used some horrific games and activities so that by a miracle, some actually came to know and love Jesus.  

Here are the top 5 games that should have never been played on a youth ministry night:

1) Chubby Bunny:  This makes the list, only because we all live in faux horror of this game.  The true horror is simply eating marshmallows.  To make sure no one gagged, we added catsup to the mix and called it chubby bunny road kill.  It is good old fashioned fun, but removing any risk of death, how ever tiny, is still a good thing.

2)  Baby if you love me, please smile:  This is a classic circle game.  You would sit around in a circle and one person would go up to another person and simply ask, "Baby, if you love, please smile."  But then the other person would have to answer, "Baby, I love you, but I just can't smile."  And if they smile, then that person would then be in the middle.  My youth group was pretty touchy, so this game got pretty physical and even sparked some romance.

3)  Lick the Plexiglass:  That isn't the name, but you get the gist.  Another sexually charged youth group game.  This one is where you would take a boy and girl and put a piece of plexiglass between them, and then spread some peanut butter on both sides, and then let the action begin. The first person to lick off all their peanut butter would win.  The horror to use peanut butter for a youth group game. :)

4) Wrestle-mania:  This game is simple and has no rules.  And it is for this reason that I can't believe we ever played it at youth group.  Truthfully, we would only play it on occasion, because the true place for this game to be played would be on the inside of a boy's cabin.  You simply take all the mattresses off the bed, put them on floor, take your shirts off and let the violence begin.  How more kids didn't go to the hospital is beyond me.  Thank God for medical waivers!

5) Kissing Rugby:  Yes this is a real game.  In fact is was the entire reason I went to youth group as a freshmen in high school.  Everyone would sit around in a circle, boy / girl.  Then a girl would sit in the middle of the circle, and she would be defended by another girl.  Then the girl in the center would "randomly" call out an odd number (that was the boys number)  and then that boy would have to kiss the girl in the center before the defender girl could kiss the boy.  And the best part, leaders played.  :)  

Incredible!  These games were played by people who loved Jesus and wanted young people to love Jesus.  And it actually worked!  At least it did on me.  :)  Good luck in planning your games for this upcoming youth group!  

What are some of the worst games you have played?