Pixinote: Combining the fun of Instagram with the love and care of Snail Mail

Kids love taking pictures of themselves.  Even more, they love looking at pictures of themselves.  And every now and then, our students even enjoy looking at pictures of their friends, as long as they happen to be in picture too.  With the overwhelming way that social media has taken over our lives, you would think that all of these selfies, likes, and follows would satisfy the deep craving of our souls to be seen and known.  But the sad truth is that it doesn't.  It is simply an echo of the authentic thing we are all looking for.

What if there was a way to leverage technology and capitalize on the social media mayhem to cut through the social media clutter and let our students know that we actually do see them and we do actually love them?  Now there is a way to leverage technology to take those fun photos throughout the intraweb and put them in the ands of your students. 

Pixinote is an incredible platform that does just that.  It leverages the fun of social media photo sharing with the unique power of receiving something in the mail.  

Pixinote uses the photos in your phone to make unique postcards that are packaged in an envelop that looks and feels like a present.  And when they are opened, they are often shared on social media, but even more importantly, they are put on their wall or their fridge.  And in one fell swoop, you have provided a tangible reminder that your students are actually seen, known, and loved.

Pixinote has been a game changer for our ministry.  Here are some of the ways that we have used it:

  • Sending fun candid pics of students to simply say hi and remind them they are loved.
  • Taking pics of our small group when they didn't show up and let them know they were missed.
  • Finding those old funny pics back when they were in 6th grade and celebrate how much they have grown up. 
  • Taking pics from a recent event and sending it to them as a reminder of what God did in them.
  • We also use them as thank you notes for our youth staff, for people who donate to our ministry or to people who have let us use their homes.  

If you are looking for a truly meaningful way to connect to your kids and to bless the socks off of them, then I highly recommend taking a look at Pixinote.  If you do, you will be on the front end of an incredible movement that brings back some old skool class and care to a stressed out, fast paced, and disconnected world.  

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