Save your pennies, The Orange Conference is coming!! #OC16 #thinkorange

This week is beginning of registration for the Orange Conference!  Registration opens up October 8th and if you do register on that day, you save $80!!  

I don't know what conferences are in your world or what you do for professional development, but I can't think of any better than this conference.  I have been around student ministry for quite some time, and have been to a bunch, but this conference is, hands down, the best on every level!!

Youth Ministry is never just about Youth Ministry: 

While I love student ministry with all my heart, the truth is that good student ministry does not happen in a vacuum.  Ideally it is part of a healthy system that is united in its mission to love, strengthen, and equip families.  

Orange is not a student ministry conference. It is a conference for the entire pipeline of student ministry.  It is for children's ministry, student ministry, college ministry, parent ministry, and leadership development.  Basically for just about every demographic in the church is built up and strengthened through the Orange philosophy.

If I truly care about student ministry and care about students longer then the few years I have them under the care of my particular ministry, then I want to be inspired and encouraged to be part of a larger team.  Orange cares for the entire family team in a holistic, practical, and inspirational way.  And I can already tell you, I need some of that in my life!

It's time to fill your cup:

For many of us, we have just launched the fall.  We are excited, inspired, and enjoying all the joy that a new ministry season brings.  But come spring, come April, we will experience the numbers drop off, we will be tired after our spring break missions trip, or tried from amping up for our summer missions trip.  Basically, no matter how you cut it, you will be tired and in desperate need of encouragement and inspiration.  

So why not plan ahead.  

Unless you stay encouraged, inspired, connected to Jesus, your ministry will fade.  Our tricks and natural abilities only get us so far, and to take things to the next level we need our hearts to stay soft and open.

And what better way to do that than with 5000 of your closest colleagues.  Come and don't worry about programing, worship, or time.  Come and be fed.  Laugh, play, nap.  Learn, discuss, and even tweak your own ministry based on what you learn.  You, your walk with Jesus and your ministry will be better for it.  

I'll be there!

Extra bonus!!  I have had some transitions in my personal and professional life over these last couple of years and have had to miss out being in Atlanta in person.  While I love the streaming option, this year, I am forgoing my computer screen for actual presence.  I would love to connect with you, room with you, grab a beer with you and solve all the ministry problems with you.  

The only way I have lasted this long in ministry is because I have enjoyed many ministry friendships throughout the years.  I have soaked up the wisdom from those older and further down the road than me, and I have been inspired and encouraged and kicked in the butt by those younger than me to not settle!

So whether you are young or old, rookie or veteran, come to the dirty south this spring and lets encourage each other to do excellent ministry so that by God's grace, He will use our feeble ministries to call some of our students to know, love and serve our savior all the days of their life!

DON'T FORGET!!:  This week is beginning of registration for the Orange Conference!  Registration opens up October 8th and if you do register on that day, you save $80!!