Free Weekly Devotionals for Youth Ministry (10 Commandments 6-10)

Students HATE rules!

So, why not come right out and give them a little push back.  So many students are willing to articulate their love for Jesus.  But when it comes to surrendering their wills or perspective to Him, the bottom falls out.  

These next two weeks we will be looking at the 10 commandments.  There is nothing fancy, nothing new or hip in these devos.  It is simply a clear look at the foundational rules that God has established, and helping students lean into them a little bit more.  

The main way students are going to grow and develop their own convictions is by actually spending time in God's word and then reflecting and wrestling with what to do with what they just read.  And it is for this purpose that we have put out these devotionals. 

I long for my students to know Jesus and to be molded and shaped by him.  

The only way this is going to happen is if they spend time alone with God.  These devotionals are designed so students will ENCOUNTER God through His word.  And then BE REFLECTIVE.  To ask questions, wrestle with, and listen to the Holy Spirit as He leads them on the path of everlasting life.  Then I want them to develop a faith that is outward focus, so they will have an opportunity to BE A BLESSING.  And finally, our students will consider how to work out their faith with other people, so they can BE TOGETHER

Most every Thursday I will be posting the devotionals I am using with my students.  It is a good accountability for me to make sure they get done before youth group.  And I hope that they are a blessing to you and to your ministry.  

Please feel free to print them out, make copies, and put them in the hands of students.  My desire is that my students, as well as your students, would come to know, love, and serve Jesus all the days of their life!

Here is the link to this week's devotionals from Exodus 20:1-18

Here is the link to my entire Google Drive folder that has all my past devotionals.  

May God continue to bless you and your ministry as you strive to love and care for students!  Have a great week of ministry, and love those kids right into the Kingdom of God!