Checkout our brand new podcast, The Thursday Morning Debrief

It is always fun trying out new ways to stay fresh in ministry.  This blog has proven to be an incredible resource for me to work out some of my ministry issues and theological ramblings.  And in an effort to keep trying new things, I have decided to try my hand in podcasting.  Together with my friend Ryan Reed, we are going to publish a podcast every other week for the foreseeable future.  

The goal here is to deepen our friendship and to keep our hearts soft for ministry and for Jesus.  I would love to know what you think as you get to listen in our friendship as we continue to work out ministry in our context.  

What are the things you are doing to stay intellectually sharp and softhearted?

(A mild disclaimer:  The topic was our friendship, so it gets a little oowie-goowie and it even made me a little uncomfortable.  But there is nothing like public shame to cause improvement, so stick around and enjoy the learning curve.)

Welcome to the Thursday Morning Debrief with Ben and Ryan.  

This is a podcast where we seek to leverage our friendship to maintain a soft heart towards Jesus and towards our ministry.

In this weeks episode:

  • Some introductions
  • Talk about how we met
  • Where are we going in our time together.

This weeks musical selection, Hand in my Pocket, by Alanis Morissette was chosen by Ben simply because she rocks!  (Can't wait to hear what sort of Millennial music that is full of passion and idealism that Ryan will bring next week)

Blessing for the Youth Worker

May  you know your redemption and identity in Christ.  may you embrace your call to serve and love students and families.  And may the Spirit guide you as you continue to grow in your God-given abilities in your vocation!  In all things we ask in your name, Jesus Christ, Amen! 

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