The need for our own Advent experience

I love my job!  I love that, just about, every waking moment is consumed with concern for the spiritual health and development of my students.  I so badly long for them to know and love Jesus, and because of this, spend a lot of time working hard to provide teaching, experiences, and relationships that will help move this desire along. 

As my fall programming comes to an end and our church is gearing up for Christmas Eve, I have to confess that I almost missed it.  

I found myself in the middle of some Facebook posts and emails to make sure our students will be there and that they will fulfill their commitments to even serve at one of the services.  Even as my programmatic calendar has a break, I am continually in programmatic mode.  And thankfully, in my daily advent devotional, God kicked me in the butt!

This advent season is not just about me helping students know and love Jesus.  This advent season is about me also knowing and loving Jesus.  I too, need to be anticipating the movement of God in my own life and to be at work in and through me personally, not just vocationally. 

For me, I am committing to embrace this pause in program to allow God to carve away the old, hard, scar tissue around my heart, and grow a heart that is not just soft for ministry or my students, but is simply soft for my savior Jesus Christ!

I am honored and humbled that Jesus came and sought out a wretch like me, cleansed me from my sin, and adopted me into the family of God.  And this Christmas I want to take off my work boots, relax from proving my worth, and simply enjoy table fellowship with my Heavenly Father, and enjoy my sisters and brothers.  

May this Christmas season be not only a blessing to your students and your ministry, but may you encounter the living Christ and simply enjoy his presence and pleasure!

And may there truly be Peace on Earth!