Youth Ministry Answers Podcast

This week, the people over at are launching a brand new podcast,  If you are wondering why you should check it out, here's why:

I love youth ministry with all my heart!

 It is, hands down, the best / worst job on the planet.  And at the same time it is also the easier / hardest job as well.  Depending where you are on your journey, where you are at in your career, and where you are at in general, depends where you are live on these spectrums.  

I often tell young youth workers that there isn't much to pulling off a great youth ministry within a church setting.  But the truth is, that is a lie.  There are a number of things that are vital to pull this off.  There is a very steep, but thankfully short, learning curve to figuring it all out.  

For those of us on the other side, we often forget about all the nuts and bolts that go into putting together a successful and effective student ministry program.  Thankfully Elle and her husband Kenny have not forgotten.  In fact, they are leveraging their know how to actually walk with you workers who are in need of some practical helps for pulling of student ministry.

Their website, Stuff You Can Use, is a slick website and a great resource.  They have great ideas and resources for everyone in the trenches.  And to add to their repertoire, they have included a podcast.

I love pod casts, on my drive into work, on a run, or whenever, I love listening and learning from TED talks, to my bestie, Andy Stanley, to Freakonomics,  and now Elle and Kenny.  

This week, they are launching their Youth Ministry Answers Podcast.  Elle and Kenny will be posting twice a week, answering all the important questions we have as youth workers.  And the best part, they will take your questions.  

So, head over to and check out their webpage, subscribe to their podcast, and continue to work out this incredible calling in community, learning from the shared wisdom of those who are a little bit down the road from us.  

Thanks Elle and Kenny for the way you love and serve youth workers!!  

Don't forget the little people!