The Blogging Life

This Thanksgiving is the four year birthday for this blog, Average Youth Ministry.  

And what a wild ride it has been.  In just under 1500 days, I will have rounded the corner on a half a million views from people all over the world.  

Over these four years, I began writing this blog as a form of spiritual discipline to help me process trough the joy-filled as well as the perilous mine field known as student ministry.  And within the first year enjoyed some of the dopamine rush that comes from collecting hits, likes, and comments.  And before long, I thought I was going to be famous.  

Well, four years later, it turns out that this blog didn't get me the fame or fortune I briefly hoped that it would.  But it has proven to be a great tool for spiritual and professional development.  The original goal and intention has proven true over these years.  And as I embark on another year of enjoying the call of being a youth worker, I will also enjoy the spiritual discipline of wrestling through ideas, issues, and the winding path that is my own journey.

My renewed commitment:

I will continue to do this because I am committed to know and love Jesus Christ, and to help students do the same.  I will not allow myself to grow weary, cold, tired, or cynical, but I will force myself to depend upon the Holy Spirit, my community of colleagues, and my local context to be the man that God has called me to be, to be a pastor to students and their families, and to offer them the grace and mercy I have received.  

As you work out your calling, may you too, daily work to kill cynicism, and allow God to soften your heart, as you continually pour out your life like a drink offering.  Student ministry is not about the harvest, but about the faithful job of planting and watering, planting and watering, planting and watering.  And may Jesus be faithful to cause faith to grow!

Happy Birthday AYM!