Ministry of presence

It is only the first week of July and I am programmatically spent.  Wrapping up a hectic youth ministry school calendar, completing VBS, and prepping for a summer mission trip has just about fried my brain.  But as I prepare to take a team to Guatemala, I am noticing God percolate a small change in my heart.

I know God is saying something like, "Ben, You are an administrative genius!  Even I am impressed with how you juggle all these details and programs.  Nice job!  However, don't forget that all these programatic endeavors are simply tools for the real work I want you to do.  You are called to be my ambassador of love and grace.  To model the incarnation and practice the ministry of presence."

Embracing presence this summer:

With the logistics behind me, I am looking forward to spending this week in Guatemala simply enjoying my students and listening to the Holy Spirit so I can go, say, and do what the Spirit says.  The structures are in place, but without the ministry of presence, this trip really has no impact or purpose.

And for the rest of summer, this is going to be how I attempt to live.  I still have items on the calendar and events to lead, but mostly, I have relationships to build and ministry to do.  So as I backpack, officiate weddings, go on vacation, and play with my friends and family, my goal is to simply relax and enjoy the moments that God has provided for me.

Must unplug:

With that being said, I am unplugging for the rest of the month.  No more writing, no more blogging, no more checking my status, or reposting old blogs in a feeble attempt to grow my platform.  (I don't even know what that means)  For this month, my online life has to concede to my real life life, my real life family, my real life ministry.  And the ministry of presence can only really happen when I am actually present.

I hope you too have a great summer, enjoy the relationships that God has blessed you with, and embrace your small piece of the world to be God's ambassador of love and grace to the real people who you will be rubbing shoulders with today, this week, and this summer!

See you in August!