Let's not forget what role we really play in the spiritual development of our students

I'm not going to lie, I often think I am a pretty good youth worker.  I have been doing this a long time and am technically proficient.  I can deliver a good talk, I can program a good night, and I can work a room and impact its temperature.

And for as good as I think I am, I still find myself longing and searching for the magic bullet.

There has to be some new trend, idea, games, illustration, insight that will help turn students' hearts towards Jesus.  And sometimes my quest for the newest thing actually hinders me from using the best thing.  I know this is the case because recently I Facebook stalked some "friends" of mine of Facebook and listened to their talks, looked at their pictures, read comments on their pages and I was horrified that their feeble attempts at youth ministry were actually yielding some incredible spiritual fruit!

Once again, Jesus has brought me to the wood shed to remind me that clever programs, slick graphics, a polished talk, and even well trained volunteers all pale in comparison to simply introducing our students to the risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

No matter how we do it, no matter how prepared or under-prepared, no matter who holy or dirty our own souls are, Jesus is at work and is more powerful than any of us can truly understand.  For whatever reasons, Jesus chooses to use all sorts of feeble efforts and often thwarts the highest efforts to prove that it is the Holy Spirit that does the growing.

We simply plant and water, plant and water.  But it is the Holy Spirit that causes faith to Grow!

Jesus, would you please send your Holy Spirit and grab a hold of my students so that they may know and love you and serve you in your ever expanding Kingdom on Earth as it will be in Heaven!