A great perspective on parenting from an unlikely source

Whether you like country music or not, this song is an incredible seminar for parenting teenagers.  A couple of things before you enjoy these 3:09 of parenting gold! 1) Developing a sense of Identity and  instill Value over Behavior Management.

2) Remembering where you as a parent have come from might allow you a little more grace for your teen.

3) Take the blame and claim them every time!


I yelled he's mine that one Got a wild-hair side and then some It's no surprise what he's done He's ever last last bit of my old man's son And I'll take the blame And claim him every time Yeah man, he's mine and he'll always be The best thing that ever happened to me You can't turn it off like electricity I love him unconditionally I'll take the blame And claim him every time Yeah, y'all, he's mine I thank God, he's mine