Orange is the new Black

maxresdefault Ok, this blog post isn't about the new Netflix show, Orange is the New Black. But it is about Orange and how all over the blogosphere Orange leaders are spending the week promoting Orange!

What is Orange? That is a good question. Orange is a ministry philosophy, a curriculum / strategy resource, and an epic conference designed to encourage and equip those who are like minded in ministry.

Throughout this week some of my friends and I will will be writing about some of the many facets of Orange and the upcoming Orange conference. There will be product reviews, give-a-ways, and general encouragement towards the Orange strategy. Below is a list of the bloggers who are participating this week. I highly recommend you take a look at them and even add them to your RSS feed.

Children’s Ministry Jonathan Cliff, Matt Norman, It’ Yancy Richmond,

Middle School Ministry JC Thompson,

Youth Ministry Austin Walker, Benjamin Kerns, Jonathan Cliff, Michael Bayne, Ryan Reed, Tom Pounder, 

NextGen / Family Ministry Joe McAlpine, Jonathan Cliff, Michael Bayne, Nick Blevins, Pat Rowland, Tom Pounder, 

Technology Matt McKee,

For me, this week will be spent reviewing some products, talking about Orange as a strategy / philosophy for ministry and seeing if you want to room with me when I go to Atlanta this spring!

But before we get to those things, lets do a quick catch up:




XP3 is the is the most comprehensive scope and cycle of curriculum for student ministry out there.  It is theologically solid, culturally relevant, and easy to use.  To learn more about it, check out the XP3 link as well as check back for some XP3 highlights later this week.


This is the conference that puts it all together.  For a week in April you have the opportunity to surround yourself with some of the smartest people in the field who want nothing more than to make the gospel come alive for children and students.  And they, like you, are convinced that this happens most effectively when we partner with parents and have children, student, and college ministries link up.

Registration begins soon, so make sure to mark your calendar, save your pennies, and join me in ATL for the orange conference.


This is Orange week!!  An this means that this week, I will, along with some of my good friends, be sharing our thoughts and reflections on the strategy and support that Orange provides.  If you use Orange and are looking to connect, lets do that, if you are not an Orange person, then I would love to know how you intentionally leverage the church and family toward greatest impact on students.

I am continually thankful for the resource Orange is for me and for our church.  If you have never used Orange or they are not on your radar, their strategy for connecting the church and the family is head and shoulders above anything else out there.

As you think about how you will be trained this year and how you will train your staff, why don’t you consider joining me in Atlanta, GA this April for the Orange Conference. This is an entire conference designed to wrestle with the intentional partnership between the church and the family.

If you use something else and/or something better, would you be willing to share.  We as youth workers continually need to be sharpened, so sharpen away.