We are taking a little detour . . .


Dear faithful readers of this blog (i.e. mom),

In just under a week I am taking a team of students and leaders on a mission trip to Guatemala.  For the past few months we have been managing mountains of paperwork and endless logistics combined with team trainings and meetings.  And now, in just under a week we are hitting the road and going to do some incredible ministry alongside an amazing church in the little town of Santa Apolonia.

In an attempt to embrace this new world we live in where access to information and technology is no longer an option, but a way of life, I am coming up with an entirely new social media strategy for this trip.  I am going to intentionally use Facebook and Twitter to share pictures and updates throughout the day.  On top of those updates, I am planning on  using this blog to post a daily summary so that our church (and parents) can be encouraged by all that God is doing in and through our group.  My hope is that our church community would be able to pray specifically for what is going on within our group and in our village, and for me to reflect daily on the places where God is showing up.

For many of you who are younger youth workers, I know you are probably laughing and shaking your head with how slow I am on the uptake with these initiatives.  But for me, who cut my mission trip teeth on CB communication and mixed tapes, I am pretty proud of my progress. :)

All this is to say, that for the next week or so this blog space is becoming an arm of the student ministry of Marin Covenant Church.  So, if you were expecting some sassy blog post about the inner workings of youth ministry, have no fear, those will come back online on the 24th of June.  In the que are posts about over sharing, preaching like Francis Chan, loneliness in student ministry, and a couple of book reviews. Who knows, I may even re-post my epic blog on bikinis.

If you are a parent who is sending your child with me to Guatemala, this is the place for all the latest and greatest regarding the trip.  (Also, don't forget to check out my Facebook or subscribe to my twitter.)

I could really use some extra love and prayers this week as we put together the final details and I find myself wrestling through my heightened anxiety regarding every and all things about this trip.  I do not want to get lost in the details or spin out about what's next.  I long to be present with my students and my friends in the village of Santa Apolonia, and mostly to be present in my walk with God.  God is at work, and I don't want to miss it!

Thank you in advance for your prayers and support!

See you in GUAT!