Want to speak at OPEN BAY AREA?

2748596944_6bef50f392_b One of the things I enjoy the most in this season of ministry is getting together with fellow youth workers and wrestling with what it means to be a youth worker, how to live into this calling, and how to get after it so that students may come to know and follow Jesus.

I have found that just about all the conversations wrapped up in, and around the topic of student ministry are life giving and soul filling.  So, any time I can get in a room with colleagues, I know I am going to leave charged up and ready to go!  Sometimes this itch gets scratched at large conferences, sometimes in smaller local network gatherings.  And sometimes, an event comes along that is just right!  Not too big so you get lost in the crowd, and not too small that the conversation gets dominated by that one "challenging" personality. :)  The Open Conference is that space that is just right!

The Youth Cartel has come up with a brilliant model to get youth workers into these conversations.  Instead of hearing from a few famous speakers from contexts very different from our own speak for 45 minutes at a time, wouldn't it be great to hear from a number of speakers from our own context give their best 10 minute talk about their unique passion in ministry?  That is what the Open model is in a nutshell.

The Open model is genius and the people at the Cartel explain what it is much better than I can.  To get a better picture of what and why Opens happen, check out the Open Bay Area site!  This post is simply to wet your appetite :)

Would you consider participating in the conversation?

On November 16, 2013 we will be gathering youth workers and volunteers from all over the greater San Francisco Bay Area for a day training, equipping, inspiration, and fun!  We will be hosting an Open and are looking for people to fill the presenting spots.  We are looking for people who understand the unique context of ministry in the Bay Area and / or have something really compelling to share.  There will be two tracks, a volunteer training and a youth worker track.  So if you have something for either or both of these tracks, simply click on the "become a speaker" link and start the process.

We will be accepting proposals until July 15.

Would you consider having Open Bay Area be part of your fall calendar?

Whether you are a presenter or not, I hope that if you live in Northern California, you would consider being a part of this event.  The organizing team which has some really sharp people on it will be there, Adam McLane, from the  Youth Cartel, will be there, and hopefully you and your team will be there!

If we are going to be all that God has for us to be in ministry, then we need to each other's voices and ideas.  And what better way to do that than with fellow youth workers who are all trying to crack the nut of doing effective ministry in the increasingly post-Christian context of the San Francisco Bay Area.

If I have any chance of keeping my head in the game for the next decade, then I need you!  I need your friendship, I need your voice, and I need your ideas!  

The Open Bay Area is on the books for November 16, 2013.  Would you consider submitting your A material for a shot to present to your peers your best stuff for volunteers and youth workers who do ministry in the Bay Area?    Would you consider bringing your team and joining us, no matter who the line up is for some mutual edification?