Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon = You and Me!

I know by the way I said this, my might think I am implying that I am Justin and you are Jimmy. While I wish that was the case, I will concede that you could be Justin. I think both options are great :) But you are probably wondering, both options for what?!?!

A couple of days ago, Justin Timberlake joined Jimmy Fallon for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. And it was easily the best week of late night ever! Jimmy Fallon does an incredible job on his show on a normal week, but by bringing in his friend Justin Timberlake (who is probably the most talented man alive) the show was over the top.

Whether you like Jimmy Fallon or not, or whether or not you think Justin Timberlake is the greatest talent of his generation, the undeniable fact is that when two talented friends work together toward a common goal, for mutual blessing, the outcome is better than either could have done alone.

Be honest, you want to be famous:

It is this truth that is important for those of us in ministry. I meet so many youth pastors who want to be incredible, to make a name for themselves, to achieve greatness in the youth ministry world. (Of course all of this is couched is spiritual mumbo jumbo, but if you can filter out the BS, that is what is being said.) But what I think is so silly is that we, of all people, should know that in this upside down economy of the Kingdom of God, when we love others without abandon, when we share our gifts and talents freely, when we are generous and selfless, we actually do grow in esteem and stature.

But even more important than growing in our personal fame, is doing long term, dynamic, excellent ministry. This can not be done alone. We can not pull off this sort of ministry when we only jockey for our own position and glory, when we are stingy with the unique gifts that you bring to the table for the sake of out gunning our youth ministry competitors. Rather, when we give of ourselves to care and support each other in ministry we can do ministry exponentially better than alone.

I am glad to be infamous with good buddies:

I have found that the best ministry I do, the times I feel most fulfilled, are when I am partnering with my friends and colleagues. When I sit around the table with them, pressing in spiritually and intellectually, to take on the position as a learner and as a friend, my heart for ministry grows, and my competencies improve. And when I actually get over myself and join my friends in ministry I find that the ministry we do together is always better than the ministry I could do alone.

I am incredibly thankful for the women and men in my life who allow me to join their show or who come and bless mine. There is nothing to fear by sharing the spotlight, by bringing our A game to bless another colleague. And for as fun as that week of Late Night was, it is over. The ministry we do, the lives we impact has eternal benefit, so let continually strive to do ministry that is generous, collegial, humble, and amazing!

PS: I will be your Justin anytime :)