Back From Sabbatical!

After 3 long months, I am finally back in the saddle.  It has been an amazing time off and I actually feel rested.  At first I was a little bummed that I didn't have money or space for some grand adventure like hiking across Europe.  I failed in my pursuit to become an Abercrombie model, and didn't memorize an entire book of the Bible. (Even 3 John) But because I wanted to stay married and have a relationship with my kids, I put some of those dreams on hold for some practical and needed maintenance. Sure enough, settling in, relaxing, becoming comfortable in my own skin and playing endless board games with the family has paid off in a healthy person, dad, husband and pastor.  I am so thankful for my church family and their care for me!  It is so extravagant for a youth pastor to be cared for like this, for their staff and volunteers to do such an amazing job, and to even welcome me back with such excitement.

I love our church and I love student ministry.  I look forward to this next season of ministry.  And for better or worse, I look forward to doing in the unique manner in which God has created me to do it.  I don't want to keep striving to be someone else, nor do I want to continually judge myself by some false ruler that I continually come up short on.  I know my gifts, I know my failings, and I am planning on bringing all of that to the ministry God has called me to.


ps: Here is a little video one of my students, Spencer Wilson, made.  He is an awesome young man and friend, and blessed the snot out of me and made me laugh with this video.  Enjoy!


pps: Here are some home made Ben Kerns Fan Club shirts made by my homie!  YES PLEASE!


ppps:  Everyone needs to work hard in one context, take a break, and come back ready to take ministry to the next level with kids who you have walked through some significant road together.  (If that isn't part of your call or contract, let me at your elders!)