Merry Christmas from the Kerns Family

Kerns Family 2012 For the past 8 years, Katie and I have been doing the good and faithful work of making, birthing and raising kids. We have been consumed with their cuteness, funny quotes, and silly adventures. And while this is still the case, this year we have found ourselves to finally be in transition.

Our precious, amazing, (not) perfect children are now both in elementary school. They are old, losing teeth, learning to read and still struggling to eat with out getting it all over the place. They are playing soccer and baseball, having play dates, and doing homework.

And while we could not be more proud of our kids or more enamored with them, the best thing about this year has been settling into a new rhythm of life and marriage for Katie and I.

With both our kids in elementary school, with them both able to get dressed, brush their teeth, zip their own jackets, and get in the car all by themselves, Katie and I are starting to get a little bit our own lives back.

The best part is that with this extra space in our lives, we are finding that we actually still like each other. We have managed to reinstate the date night. Although it is a date lunch, it is still a date. We are working out together, hot tubbing together, and genuinely enjoying life together. Thankfully I have been snipped for a couple years or we could be looking at a 3rd baby Kerns :)

I know Christmas cards are supposed to be the the dramatic highlights while minimizing the challenges in an attempt to outshine all others in their letters. But for us, this is not the case. This year, like many others in our 15 years of marriage, it has brought with it some unexpected challenges and more than a few hiccups. However, what we have found to be different this year is not the situations, but who we are as we walk through those situations.

I think I speak for Katie when I say that we realize that the reason that this has been such a good year for us and for our life together as a couple is not because our kids are so cute or smart. It is not because they are finally in school, it is not because we had more good things happen then bad, or because I simply am just that good of a husband. We have had such a good year because through thick and thin, through plenty and want, and through the chaos of getting our kids from birth into elementary school, we have been captivated by the Prince of Peace and transformed by His love and grace!

I am so thankful for my family and especially for Katie this year. I am thankful that for as much as I fail, I have experienced even more grace from God and from my family.

No matter how good or bad this season finds you, I hope you find peace in the fact that Christmas is the season of Emmanuel, God with us! And may He extend you grace and peace in abundance this Christmas season!

Merry Christmas!