Do you have Gangnam Style?

"Who needs swag when you have Gangnam Style?" @comedytruth


Have you been watching Facebook or Twitter blow up this week with Gangnam Style references?  It has been a bit over whelming and to tell you the truth, I don't really get it.  But me getting "it" is not the point.

They way pop culture trends move every little reference seems to travel through an incredibly steep and short life cycle.  A month ago, if you were into Gangnam Style you were part of a hip group of people who got to enjoy the front end of a trend.  Two weeks ago you were in the middle of the bell curve and if you could have used it in ministry would have been in the sweet spot of capitalizing on pop culture.  And if you are just now watching it, then, I am sad to break it to you, but you missed it.

Once Ellen references it, once there are over a hundred parodies online, once your middle schoolers have found it, it is over.  This video now gets to enjoy retirement alongside Rebecca Black's Friday video.

I am sure most of you could care less about this video or see little to no value being up to date with what is making the rounds in pop culture.  But on the off chance you do care, or you are looking for the next viral video to use for a youth group event, I wanted to share with you the greatest resource out there on the net.

The best pop culture resource on the interweb:

YouTube Trends is the greatest help for older and out of touch youth workers.  I have no idea what is funny anymore.  But Ever week I check out this site and scroll through the trending videos.  I am continually in awe what trends.  But understanding is not the point.  Being aware is.

I am proud to say that I saw this video for the first time almost a month ago.  I am sad that I thought it was the dumbest video on the planet and couldn't tell if it was for real or actually a Korean Old Navy commercial.

We have a lot to do for our jobs as youth workers and spending all day online isn't really the best use of our time.  So, I would encourage you to use the resources out there to stay hip and relevant.  My advice, simply skim off the top and become a pop culture genius to those around you.  Enjoy!