Try XP3 for FREE!

Screen-shot-2010-09-27-at-8.56.39-AM Being that it is Orange week and we are getting the ball rolling for the annual Orange conference in HOTlanta this spring, the nice people at XP3 are giving away one of their series for FREE!!  So follow the steps below and try out this amazing curriculum.

300x250_curric1"XP3 is designed as a comprehensive student curriculum that helps students experience their faith in three areas. Wonder. Discovery. Passion.  XP3 Students is part of Orange, a comprehensive strategy for all age groups.

XP3 gives you a plan. You’re in control of how you use it.

Try our XP3 Students “Intersect” series for free and see the difference for yourself.

Before you sign up for the free series, feel free to read more about us on the XP3 Students blog, or find out more about Orange and XP3 by visiting

When you’re ready to “Try XP3 for Free”, just follow these steps to get started:

• Go to

• Complete the requested information

• When you get to the order information page, scroll down to the Promo Code field, enterXP3FREESERIES4 and click apply code

• Complete the requested information.

Please contact our XP3 team at should you have any questions."

If you are interested in coming to the conference in Atlanta, make sure you check out the conference website today.