Who knew a video would highlight some of my most biggest passions and values :)

A couple of weeks ago we had our monthly Manly Mecca meeting.  This is a new approach to our guys' ministry that was inspired by a show on MTV actually.  After we sat around and did our monthly check in, share our deepest darkest and be honest about every guys' struggle, and try not to pay the jar, we headed out for a little project. We take our fall kick off very seriously.  I think a solid youth ministry has purposeful events, and the kick off sets the tone for the year and direction for our entire ministry.  To make our first youth group special, I thought it would be fun to highlight the guys in our ministry and make a Carly Rae video.  I know they have been around all summer and are old news, but that is how I roll, about 6 months behind the curve.

I think it is important to embrace the music that is the sound track of our students lives and use them to have a Dance Party, or simply to use it to solidify great youth ministry memories.  And that is what we did.  This video is the result of some really hard work by one of my students, and in a way totally highlights some of my biggest passions and values.


With all the chaos and work that goes into getting the school year up and going and pulling off our fall kick off, I am tired.  So I apologize for the shoddy post.  But it is Friday, and it is time for some rest.  I hope and pray that you have a great weekend and get some good old fashioned rest this weekend as well.  In fact not resting is breaking one of the 10 commandments.  How cool is that, taking a nap is what you are called to do this weekend.

We'll all get back after it on Monday. So until then . . .