I am heading off to the Orange Conference


In less then a week, I am heading to the A.T.L. to spend time at one of the greatest ministry conferences out there. I am going to the annual Orange Conference. In case you have never heard of it, you should spend some time on their webiste. Our church has gone Orange a little over a year ago and we are already seeing some amazing fruit. First and foremost from the philosophy, and then through their engaging, relevant, biblical, and fun curriculum. I am excited to take my children's ministry team with me and be encouraged, inspired, and equipped for another year of ministry!

There is great line up of speakers and seminars. And like everything done with Orange it will be an excellent conference. But what I am looking forward to the most is spending time with my team dreaming about ministry, connecting with my colleagues in ministry, and staying out late dominating the youth ministry dodgeball tournament.

I have the honor and privilege of not just attending, but of being on the blogging / social media team for the conference. Thankfully I have learned a little bit about both so I can actually contribute this year :) What that means is that myself and a handful of other great bloggers will be sharing their experiences, their notes, their impressions, and whatever else comes to mind with their friends who may not have the opportunity to attend this year.

Here is the list of my fellow orange bloggers. Reading their posts will help you feel like you are actually there in the arena with 5000 of your closest friends, in the dirty south, eating Chick Filet, hanging out with Andy Standly and Kara Powel. Ok, it probably won't do any of those things. But you will be encouraged and get the most important nuggets handed to you on a silver platter with all the fixin's. (That is like 3 southern references in one paragraph, not bad!)

Time to get my Crunk on! (in a hip/hop sort of way)