Is it even ok to be average?

why is it that average is a bad word? i know we all want to be exceptional, the best. since elementary school we have been competing to be the best. the best at anything, sports, music, academics, art. and even though our parents tell us we are the smartest, most beautiful people in the room, we live with this sinking feeling inside that it just isn’t true.  if we are honest, we know who the smartest and most beautiful people in the room are, and it isn’t us. we are average. average: av·er·age, adj. typical; common; ordinary.

but why does this have to be a bad thing? i actually hope it isn’t, because it is the truth. i am average, typical, common, ordinary in just about every way. what kind of freedom could be experienced if the anxiety of striving to be the best and continually coming up short was replaced with the peace of truly living out who we were made to be.

jesus is the head! he is the one who is the best. we are common and ordinary parts of the body. and why should we even be ranking the parts of the body anyway, i am pretty sure that is exactly what we are not supposed to do. any sort of greatness we should be striving for is pointed to him, and the pleasure of being a small part of what he is doing in the world.

average youth workers are amazing! the more and more youth workers i meet and spend time with the more i realize that the average youth worker is amazing. the average youth worker is “all in.” they love their students and their entire lives are wrapped up with the emotional and spiritual weight of walking through adolescents with them. the average youth worker does hit the speaking circuit or spend their days playing call of duty. the average youth worker tirelessly loves kids, runs youth groups, meets with parents, and strives to do better so more and more students will come to love jesus.

settle in! most likely you are an average, common, and typical youth worker. but because we are connected to christ and he loves to use our common and often feeble efforts, let us relax. today we can enjoy the god who loves us and who calls us and uses us, warts and all. we can strive to be excellent tomorrow :)